Create new entity.

There are two different entity methods. This it’s what differ them: 

Hämta text från Entity sidan.

Create a new entity with Regular Expression.

To create a new entity, click ”Add new entity”.

1. Choose a name that reflects the entity

2. Check Regular expression

3. Fill in the Value.

Create a new entity with Keywords.

1. Choose a name like here: Owen type

2. Check the method Keywords

3. Type a Key.

4. Add Keywords (synonyms to the Key)
Important: When adding synonyms, at least one Keyword has to match the exact spelling of it’s Key.

You might get a drop down menu with suggestions if the system finds appropriate synonyms. You can select from the list and also type your own.

Fuzzy match

If you activate Fuzzy match – a bit misspelled words will also be taken in consideration. Otherwise words have to be spelled exactly like you have written here to be recognized.

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