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AI will have a huge impact on society, economy and environment.

AI is expected to affect all 17 goals. All goals are equally important, but below we mention those for which our business will make an immediate change.

UN Sustainable development goals

Better life for everybody.

In 2015, world leaders agreed to 17 global goals, officially known as the Sustainable Development Goals. These goals have the power to create a better world for everybody by 2030, by ending poverty, fighting inequality and addressing the urgency of climate change. 

Inovia AI's contribution

Goal 3

AI streamlines healthcare on several levels.

Good health is a fundamental prerequisite for people’s ability to reach their full potential and to contribute to the development of society. Our AI products and research projects ment for health institutions helps both physicians and patients in several ways.

AI Medical Transcription – Only 30% of a doctors’ time today is left to meeting patients, the rest is spent on administration. Our AI dictation/medical transcription software releases significant time for true healthcare.

Impact project – By contributing with knowledge in Big Data and advanced AI technology, we’re participating in the  European project Impact – to help saving people with brain cancer. Our work is to improve the accuracy and speed to diagnoses for treatment optimization. By increasing the treatment effectiveness the result will be higher degree of survivability and improved life quality for the patients. 

Corona test app – During the outbreak of Covid-19, medical staff was highly exposed to the virus and as symptoms could be vague or sometimes none,  it was hard to tell if you were infected. Inovia contributed pro bono with developing an app for Capio Go, aimed for staff to perform self tests.

Digital Clinic – An AI-driven medical virtual assistant that empowers patients and taking the administrative and repetitive communicative workload off doctors and nurses.

Goal 8 and 9

AI improves efficiency, enabling availability and cutting tedious work.

With innovative technology we can offer higher economic productivity in sectors with high value added and high labor intensity. AI also breaks the link between economic growth and environmental degradation.

AI driven Virtual assistant By automating labour intense customer support, companies will release time to grow. Also, by increasing support availabililty,  customers tend to show higher degree of loyalty and shop more.

AI Speech recognition – In general, talking is four times faster than typing. By having our advanced speech recognition software transcribing your voice when documenting, speeds up time-consuming administration considerably.

Goal 16

AI fights organized financial crime and illegal flows.

All people are equal before the law. Responsible and fair institutions are the basis for peaceful societies, free from corruption. Our AI engineering services supporting the large banks, helps to combat fraud, money laundry and reduce corruption and bribery. Also staying compliant with financial regulations.

AI Speech recognition – Our  AI driven voice transcribing algorithms makes all customer calls 100% searchable and indexable, ensures compliancy with Mifid2.

KYC ServicesAI is an ideal technology for finding anomalous patterns and identifying areas of risk especially where there are a large number of items of different types that need to be reviewed and potentially correlated. We use this technology to detect anomalies in transaction volume data.

Goal 5 and 10

And it starts with ourselves.

Gender equality At Inovia we’re constantly looking at ways to bring more women into tech. We’re asking ourselves how we can do more to become an attractive employer for both sexes. 

Reduced inequalities We are convinced that groups that are characterized by diversity and inclusion of different perspectives, stimulate innovation and lead to better decision-making. Increased diversity and inclusion reduces the risk of conflicts and promotes the opportunity for all people to participate in, and influence the development of society. At our office we have colleagues from more than 20 countries.

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