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Generative AI gives support superpowers!

Don’t waste time on support questions that can easily be automated. Relieve staff and exceed customer expectations with well-formulated answers to all types of questions.

Generative AI (GPT

Our platform automates support with tailored generative AI – based on your own data.


Integrate AI seamlessly and easily with your customer systems and reach customers across all channels.

Swedish cloud

Operation in the Swedish cloud guarantees that all data stays in Sweden.

Quick start!

Quick start-up assisted by our success team is included.


Why AI will be essential to keep up competition

Everyday life with fast pace leaves us no longer with patience to wait for assistance. As a  customer, you may leave to a competitor who’s faster with support. As an employee you might get frustrated spending precious time searching the right documents or answers in long texts.

Taking advantage of AI will become a success- and competitive factor. With our AI assistant, you can offer outstanding service experiences that impress your customers and provide smoother information search for your employees. Implementing AI technology is not only a step towards efficiency, but also an adaptation to the demands and expectations of today.


Always be available!” Take every opportunity to communicate with a customer.

Cost effectiveness

AI enables support to scale without increasing staff costs.

Consistent & updated

Help customers and employees get consistent and up-to-date answers to questions every time,

Data analysis

Generate insights of user behavior and problem areas.


An AI chatbot based on your data

Creating a customized AI chatbot with generative AI technology does not take long. Through a simple interface in our InoviaGPT app, you enter the information to be indexed.

Just select and upload web- and intranet pages, knowledge forums, FAQs, manuals and articles. When your customers or employees then ask questions, the chatbot searches for relevant information in your data and compiles a well considered answer based all findings, saving you a lot of time!


Pre-defined bot responses

Sometimes you prefer set dialogs instead of responses generated from information. For instance when you need to collect certain data from the user to be able to retrieve information from other systems. In our intuitive Dialog Editor you create your set dialogs easily with drag and drop.


This is how the AI ​​chatbot becomes really powerful

By integrating other systems such as CRM, order systems, etc. to the AI ​​chatbot, it turns into a truly helpful assistant. With access to order systems, it can quickly handle customer inquiries about everything from order status to delivery information with ease and relieve customer service.

With integrations, the chatbot becomes a personal assistant for each customer. By solving problems on the bounce – 24/7 – the AI ​​chatbot becomes not only a sales aid, but also an important part of customer care.


Human touch when needed

Sometimes cases need to be handled by manual customer service, or there might be certain types of questions that you always want to be handled by an agent.

Our chat is built to seamlessly transfer from bot to and logged-in agent. If there is no agent available, the bot facilitates further handling by efficiently collecting all important information in a ticket so that the agent later has all the data to handle the case in one go.

Revolutionize internal support

The challenge of finding internal information

Never before have we generated so much information and it is harder than ever to find exactly what we are looking for! 

Our AI- assistant for internal use is designed to help locate all the relevant information and compile it in a perfect way for you, saving so much time!

AI assistant for the entire company

An AI-chatbot centralize access to information and provides consistent and up-to-date answers to employee questions. It ensures that all users always have access to the same information at all times. Invaluable for new hires!

AI assistant for IT support

The AI assistant can be used to provide employees with help to common IT-related problems such as resetting passwords, account settings, software issues etc in seconds. Also excellent for rapid reporting of IT-incidents and security issues.

AI assistant for Sales department

Sales department can use the chatbot to quickly retrieve up-to-date information about products, services, prices and promotions, without having to search multiple sources. This ensures consistent communication with customers and helps new employees feel more confident and faster up to speed.

AI assistant for HR support

The bot automates many routine tasks for HR, such as providing information about company policies, benefits, leave rules and work hours. Perfect for new hires with easy access to information about company culture, onboarding programs and other necessary resources.

Successful onboarding

Guaranteed great start!

We want you to get started quickly, which is why start-up is included in all our subscriptions. Our customer success and professional services teams are by your side at all times.

1. We map your needs

We identify your customers’ needs and review if there are  tasks the chatbot should be able to perform.

2. An AI model with your data

We tailor make the AI model to become an expert on your services and customers’ needs.

3. We integrate your favorites

We integrate your favorite systems to make the AI ​​chatbot a really powerful problem solver by being able to retrieve information externally. And then we launch!

Typical tasks our chatbot solves

Automate with our industry-ready AI chatbots

Cover all your customer journeys with automatic support and let your staff focus on up sale and manage top clients.

1. Customer interaction and support
Provide fast and efficient customer support around the clock, answer common questions and make it easier for customers to find products.

2. Product search and recommendations
Provide personalized product recommendations based on customer preferences and previous purchases.

3. Customer care and repeat sales
Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty through personal interaction and follow-up with customers.

4. Automation of administrative tasks
Automate administrative tasks such as order processing and returns processes to free up staff time.

5. Insights and Analytics
Analyze customer interactions to gain valuable insights into customer behavior and trends that can be used to optimize business strategies.

1. Support 
Assist citizens with common questions and simple matters.

2. Information portal
Act as an information portal to provide important information and distribute news to citizens.

3. Self-service services
Make it easier for citizens to apply for permits, report problems or pay fees.

4. Data analysis and insights.
Analyze interactions to gain insights into citizen needs and improve services and processes.

5. Streamlining internal processes.
Act as an internal support system for staff by answering internal questions and providing routine instructions.

1. Support
Offer 24/7 support for bookings, itineraries and changes.

2. Travel planning
Guide customers through the entire booking process and make recommendations based on their preferences.

3. Updated travel information
Provide up-to-date information on destinations, flight times and weather conditions.

4.  Feedback Management 
Collect feedback to ensure customer satisfaction.

5. Customer segmentation and marketing 
Analyze customer interactions to create tailored marketing campaigns and offers.

1. Support 
Give customers and tenants quick access to information about available properties, rental terms and maintenance.

2. Error reporting and maintenance management 
Make it easy for tenants to report bugs or issues, leading to faster and more efficient maintenance.

3. Information about the area
Provide information about nearby amenities to increase the property’s attractiveness.

4. Lead generation and marketing
Collect leads and market vacant properties to potential clients.

1. Support
Offer 24/7 support for questions about insurance products, claims and policy management.

2. Quotation Requests
Generate quotes and facilitate the buying process for customers online.

3. Claim report and status 
Make it easy for customers to report claims and provide claims settlement updates.

4. Policy management
Help customers manage their insurance policies and make changes.

5. Marketing
Inform about new products or campaigns.

6. Risk assessment and analyses 
Collect data to conduct risk assessments and analyze trends to improve products and services.

1. Support
Provide prompt customer support for questions about banking services 24 hours a day.

2. Comparison
Help customers compare different products.

3. Financial Planning
Provide personalized advice and help clients plan their finances based on their goals and risk tolerance.

4. Marketing
Inform about new products or offers. Customize offers based on customer behavior to increase engagement and conversions.

5. Analysis
Collect data and feedback for analysis and improvement.


is the number of consultants you would need for maintaining the bot.

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is the chatbots normal success rate first day at work. 

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might be the success rate after 1 month. 


Reliable and secure

Safety is very important topic to us! Together with a robust system architecture, we have a variety of security measures that prevent unauthorized access to data and guarantee safe processing of GDPR data.


Swedish cloud or locally installed

Operation in US owned companies like AWS or Google can be an obstacle for certain companies and organizations – due to CLOUD Act. Therefore we’re happy to offer operation in a 100% Swedish cloud owned and run by B2B IT-Partner. This guarantees that all data stays in Sweden. 

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